[NAFEX] favorite nurseries for a northeast grower (NY 6)

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Alan and Mark,
    I too was in the fruit tree business in the 80's and 90's. I had the exact same problem that you guys describe when I ordered from Northern nurseries. So, what I found was to order from nurseries in TN that produced June budded trees for commercial growers. These worked better for me and were generally less expensive, too. This was for peach, plum, and nectarine, mainly, though.

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Alan wrote:

"I love one of the nurseries mentioned here, which I will not name, but
their trees do tend to run small and sometimes crooked- at least when you
purchase in any kind of quantity.  Maybe they save the best stuff for small
orders where they make more money per tree.  For a good selection of
heirlooms I recommend Trees of Antiquity.

For mainstream varieties and a shortlist of heirlooms Adams County Nurserey
will often give you  good sized trees and almost all are straight (hey, I'm
in the nursery business, straight matters)."


I can understand you want larger trees for your clients.  My problem is I
get trees too large, at least for peach trees.  So many of the feathered
maidens I've received don't have any lower buds or branches, so I have to
start the scaffolds higher than I'd like.  This summer, I ordered some more
peach trees from Cummins and Adams Co.  In my correspondence with Cummins, I
requested smaller trees, citing my concern.  The manager wrote back that
this is a common problem for them too, and that since they grow and sell two
year trees, it is difficult to find small ones.  He said Adams Co. also
sells two year trees and has the same problems, which I can confirm.  I've
ordered a couple times from Adams before, the trees weren't maidens, they
were "big mamas".


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