[NAFEX] Wild(?) pear question

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Sep 3 10:26:27 EDT 2009

Perry, maybe?

I've got an 'Orient' (NOT!) tree, that I grafted from a huge old tree here
in town 12 years ago - now, I'm wondering if the scion I collected was from
a rootstock shoot, 'cause the fruits are not as large, or round, as those I
seem to recall the tree producing, and they're astringent, all the way to
the core.  Barely edible, even by my standards, right off the tree, and even
when dried, they still retain some of that astringency.  Might make a decent
perry - as I'm under the impression that many of the 'perry' pears used to
make 'hard' perry(not just pear juice) are astringent, and not pleasing to
eat right off the tree.


Subject: [NAFEX] Wild(?) pear question

    A neighbor has a pear tree that bears copious amounts of spherical 
fruits that are slightly smaller than a golf ball.  He says they are 
extremely sour and the tree is what came up from the roots after the 
above-the-graft pear died.  He asked what can be done with the fruits.  Are 
they edible?  How?  Do you know?

Jim Fruth

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