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Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 05:59:59 EDT 2009

One thing I didn't mention about nurseries as far as misidentifying
varieties is that nurseries that supply commercial growers usually supply
their own wood and usually get ID right.  They just have to when they have
have a customer base whose livelihood depends on it.

That said, I did get misidentified trees from one commercial supplier when
some Green Gage plums (about 70 actually) came from them that were some kind
of green Jap-type that resembled GG in color only.  When I called to
complain the rep said that this plum is so commonly mis-identified that they
felt they had license to call just about anything Green Gage.  The reason
they thought it would be OK is that commercial growers aren't growing GG and
they knew that the trees would be going out to amateurs who supposedly
wouldn't notice.

I have also ordered misidentified GG's from two home garden type nurseries.
Another variety whose ordering often results in receiving something else is
Cox's Orange Pippin.  Nurseries often seem to assume that home growers would
be happier with something easier to grow that looks a little like Cox but is
actually only a related variety.   Similarly, Green Gage is a relatively
difficult plum to grow in most of the U.S..
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