[NAFEX] favorite nurseries for a northeast grower (NY 6)

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Wed Sep 2 23:26:06 EDT 2009

On Sep 2, 2009, at 6:08 PM, Alan Haigh wrote:
> For anything she carries I love ordering from Lucille at Whitman's  
> Farms.  She sell me larger IE mulberries than Burnt Ridge and gives  
> me a quantity price even if I order 5.  I you're ordering 1 you  
> still may get a larger tree (more roots and top so they do plug in  
> quicker).  She's got every kind of ribes you're likely to be  
> interested in.
> _______________________________________________

Wow!   I just spent too much time on her website.  She has an enormous  
selection of all sorts of interesting stuff, edible and ornamental.   
And I made an impulse purchase of a weeping redbud (I had no idea one  
existed) and a couple of evergreen huckleberries.  Lucille was very  
helpful.  She warned me that she's not sure the huckleberries will be  
hardy out here.  (It says "zone 5-6" on her website, but she says  
that's what she was told, but she's not sure she believes it)  I  
suspect a more serious problem is that those huckleberries are very  
picky about soil, and mine might not suit them, but I want to give it  
another try.  (I tried some seedlings a fellow NAFEXer gave me a few  
years ago, and they didn't survive their second winter.  But it was an  
awfully pretty plant, and is said to have very tasty fruit, and I  
figure I don't lose much by trying again.)

Thanks for the tip. 

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