[NAFEX] favorite nurseries for a northeast grower (NY 6)

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 18:08:41 EDT 2009

I purchase hundreds of trees from a lot of nurseries and have bought plants
from most endorsed by people here.  The advantage of buying brambles from a
certified nursery is a greatly reduced risk of virus infected stock.  I use
Indiana Plant Co. and Nourse and have never had mislabled plants from either
source in 20 years.

I love one of the nurseries mentioned here, which I will not name, but their
trees do tend to run small and sometimes crooked- at least when you purchase
in any kind of quantity.  Maybe they save the best stuff for small orders
where they make more money per tree.  For a good selection of heirlooms I
recommend Trees of Antiquity.

For mainstream varieties and a shortlist of heirlooms Adams County Nurserey
will often give you  good sized trees and almost all are straight (hey, I'm
in the nursery business, straight matters).

For anything she carries I love ordering from Lucille at Whitman's Farms.
She sell me larger IE mulberries than Burnt Ridge and gives me a quantity
price even if I order 5.  I you're ordering 1 you still may get a larger
tree (more roots and top so they do plug in quicker).  She's got every kind
of ribes you're likely to be interested in.
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