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Wed Sep 2 12:09:08 EDT 2009

It was marketed as suitable for potting soil, not as a soil amendment.  Also, another of the pots has almost pure composted cow manure, and while the tomatoes put on a bit too much vegetative growth compared to fruit output in that pot, they grow fine.  

The pot I'm concerned about has anemic-looking small plants, not dead plants.  When I accidentally spill a pile of corn gluten on the lawn I get a dead patch in a circle of lush growth, not pale anemic plants.

-- GindaMelissa Kacalanos wrote:

I haven't checked email for a while, so forgive me if someone mentioned this already, but we're talking about a soil amendment that was used as potting soil? I think the problem is simple, then, since potting soil has very specific drainage requirements. You can't just take a soil amendment meant for the garden and expect it to do well when used straight in a pot, since it probably doesn't have the right drainage. It might lead to problems even if used in too high a concentration in the garden, since the nutrient levels might be too high, and might burn roots. I bet this amendment was meant to be spread thinly over a garden and mixed in, not used straight.


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