[NAFEX] Sudden Apricot Death Syndrome?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Wed Sep 2 00:21:55 EDT 2009

I planted an apricot tree a few years ago.  It's looked healthy until  
a couple of weeks ago, when quite suddenly the leaves all wilted and  
turned brown.  It is now covered with dead leaves.  (Not dropping  
yellow leaves, as the healthy tree did in the fall.)  Any ideas what  
happened to it?

I saw a little bit of gum on the bark, but nothing that looked  
terrible.  I did not see any other damage. We had a very cool wet  
summer until shortly before it died, when suddenly the weather turned  
hot and dry.  But the apricot started to look dead before the  
raspberries looked even a little wilted.  (They are within a few feet  
of each other, on similar soil.)  It had a decent crop this year, but  
I thinned it pretty heavily, and I don't think the crop should have  
stressed the tree.

I suppose I'll leave it in the ground until next spring - weirder  
miracles have happened than it coming back into leaf.  But it  
certainly looks dead.  I'm debating buying another and replanting in  
the same spot.  Any reason not to?

eastern MA, zone 6

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