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Deb writes:

I'm interested in which nurseries are your favorites for buying fruit 
trees and berry bushes.  What do you look for in a good mail order 

I'm starting to plan for spring and want to add pear and apple trees.  
Also looking at several varieties of gooseberry and perhaps raspberries.

My reply:

Reading between the lines I assume you are a home grower and just need a few items.
Here is the problem, many nurseries do not sell stock that is true to name; and it is a very, very disappointing proposition.

So sans raspberries here is my suggestion.  Ask your Nafex buddies. Find someone who has the fruit you want, has tasted it and is relativley sure it is true to name and then send them a few bucks to propogate it.   You can order your own stock and then send it to people to graft or whatever, or for things like prunus they probably can simply air layer you something.

The point here is, you run a strong chance of getting a large quality control problem form most nurseries.  Heck this spring I had my first disappointment from Nourse of all things, I ordered Taylor and the sent me some sort of early fruiting Fall Bearer.  So it can happend at the best of nurseries.  At least via NAFEX you can get something either true to name or good enough to pass for it.

I was just discussing this with a rather infamous :) "grower/expert/God like deity of pomology" the other day.  Apparently most growers don't maintain their own scion and bud wood and order it  introducing the wide possibility of error and another unfortunate practice is to relabel stock to get rid of it or fill orders.

Of course for fruit trees you can propagate yourself from a reliable source.  You can hop on plane and I am bet Nafexers everywhere would be happy to show you how.  

My guess is you could work out a suitable arrangement with someone for nearly everything.  So it takes an extra year...use that time to work your soil. 

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