[NAFEX] your favorite nurseries

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Tue Sep 1 19:18:05 EDT 2009

> I'm interested in which nurseries are your favorites for buying fruit 
> trees and berry bushes.  What do you look for in a good mail order 
> nursery?

I've had good luck with most of the nurseries I've tried, but I strongly 
second the notion about checking with the Dave's Garden guide to mail order:


> I'm starting to plan for spring and want to add pear and apple trees.  
> Also looking at several varieties of gooseberry and perhaps raspberries.

Personally, I bought my apple trees from Adams County Nursery - 
http://www.acnursery.com/ - and have been very pleased. I bought my 
Asian pears mostly from Stark Bros. (and they were very nice trees, 
though I hate the way they rename varieties in order to market them 
better), and a couple of European pears from Burnt Ridge Nursery - 
http://www.burntridgenursery.com/ - who were remarkably helpful in 
answering (in detail) my emailed questions.

The birds planted my raspberries, but I bought my gooseberries from 
Nourse Farms - http://www.noursefarms.com/ - ForestFarm - 
http://www.forestfarm.com/ - One Green World - 
http://www.onegreenworld.com/ - Hartmann's - 
http://www.hartmannsplantcompany.com/ - Indiana Berry - 
https://indianaberry.com/ - and Whitman Farms - 
http://www.whitmanfarms.com/ . I was happy with all of them, but I might 
note that Whitman Farms has a huge selection and, although the 
descriptions aren't always too detailed, they're remarkably honest 
("horrible mildew," "not very many" berries, etc.). So many nurseries 
try to persuade you that everything they sell tastes wonderful, produces 
abundantly every year, and grows with no problems at all.

I don't know if that helps much. I just searched online for what I 
wanted, and then researched the nurseries at Dave's Garden (discovering 
to avoid, for example, TyTy Nursery in Georgia).

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

PS. You didn't mention grapes, but I was hugely impressed with Double A 
Vineyards - http://www.rakgrape.com/ . I still can't believe the roots 
on the vines they sent me last year. They were absolutely incredible! 
And when I planted them, I nearly had to jump back out of the way, they 
grew so fast. (Admittedly, when they've got such huge roots, it's a 
bigger job planting them.)

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