[NAFEX] Illinois Everbearing mulberry

Hector Black hblack1925 at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 1 12:29:32 EDT 2009

Hey Mike - We're great lovers of the Ill. Everbearing.  They are hard to 
root, hence grafting seems best.  We use white or Asian mulberry as 
rootstock.  My daughter has them at Hidden Springs Nursery (go online for 
    We have had them for near 30 years and notice that the branches break 
easily.  Storms and deer browsing.  Pollarding was suggested on the list 
some months back, and that sounds a good idea to me.  The berries are larger 
on strong young growth.  I would think letting a small frame develop after 
about 4 ft height, and pruning branches off after about 3-4 years of bearing 
might work - but I have never done this.  I've tried but the deer break off 
the lower branches chewing the leaves.  Keep the trees low for easier 
picking.  Birds love them, by the way - the fruit that is.
     Makes a fine wine - it you are interested.  Happy growing.    Hector 
Black (zone 6 Middle TN)

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> Finally tasted some Illinois Everbearing mulberries the other day &
> they were really lovely.  Good flavor, not insipid, a bit small but
> not overly & they easily put my Russian mulberries to shame...
> Does anyone know if these are own-rooted or grafted?  & if grafted,
> what are they typically grafted on?
> Also what techniques are there for creating harvestable plants?  Are
> their ways to prune or coppice to keep the plants in a dwarf state?
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