[NAFEX] Antique Dung Is Secret Element Behind Lure of Organic Wines

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Antique Dung Is Secret Element Behind Lure of Organic Wines


Helen Comoutos is a winemaker who knows about feces.

“Sheep manure is the secret ingredient,” Comoutos says during a stroll
through her 25 acres of aromatic vineyards on the Ionian Sea island of
Zakynthos, the place where legend has it Zeus came for his wine.

“No chemical fertilizers, no industrial weed killers,” the
octogenarian Greek vineyard owner adds, proudly prodding the roasting
loam with her walking stick on a hot August afternoon. “We’ve mostly
made our $15 Verdea Grande Reserve this way since 1638. And now the
rest of the world is following us.”

Heightened consumer demand for wholesome food and drink created by
ecologically sound agricultural practices has inspired a new
generation of vintners to tap Comoutos’s ovine formula to craft wines
known as organics or bios.

The 10,000 bottles of biologically correct red and white wines that
annually come from Domaine Comoutos are flavorsome illustrations of
the back-to-the-future shift in the tastes and temperaments of
winemakers and their customers.

Bio-wines are pressed from grapes grown without outside chemical
interference and, to relieve the protein fears of extremist
vegetarians, in some instances forsake the use of egg whites in the
filtration process.

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