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Sat Oct 31 21:16:58 EDT 2009

Hey Lee,

I discovered an omission.  I failed to mention that I placed the previously soaked seeds in the plastic bag with a damp paper towel and then placed that in the REFRIGERATOR.


Jim Elie

---- jelie at new.rr.com wrote: 
> Hey Lee,
> Sure, no problem with sending some seeds your way.  Just send your address to me outside of the listserv and I will get them in the mail.  
> I have to admit that I got the idea to order some igde/senjed fruit from the Plants for a Future website.  There was some discussion on whether they were actually elaeagnus or some other fruit so I decided I would check it out for myself.  I found they were in fact elaeagnus and knew I would plant out a few.  The soaking regimen was roughly that recommended for apple pippins by Phil Forsline of the USDA.  I soaked the seeds for about 4-6 days (sorry, wasn't keeping records) while repeating water changes.  I then placed them in with a damp paper towel in a plastic bag and monitored.  I periodically disinfected them with a 1:10 bleach solution as needed.  At around 3 months I started planting them out but had no germination in the refrigerator up to that time.  A few that remained were germinating in the refrigerator at around four months.  I transplanted the rest of the seeds outdoors and have had good success with the seedlings coming up with no noticeable signs of disease or
>   pests so far.
> My Trebizond Dates from One Green World seem to be holding their own so far.  I transplanted all of them into larger containers after dividing some of the trunk sections.  They seem to have had a decent year.
> Enjoyed your Uncommon Fruits
> Jim Elie
> Green Bay WI
> zone 4/5
> ---- Lee Reich <lreich at hvc.rr.com> wrote: 
> > Hi Jim,
> > 
> > Any chance that I could get a half-dozen or so seeds of igde from you  
> > for planting? Years ago I got some from the USDA but they never  
> > germinated.
> > 
> > In my book about uncommon fruits, I wrote that the seeds did not  
> > germinate readily, often waiting until the second season unless they  
> > were nicked, soaked in acid, kept warm and moist for a few weeks,  
> > cracked out of their seed coats, or washed for 6 days to leach out  
> > inhibitors. Sounds like you found none of this to be true. (Maybe I  
> > read my own book too closely about how hard the seeds are to germinate!)
> > 
> > If your seedlings are growing well, you're probably home free.  
> > Whenever I've put in plants of King Red, they've always collapsed  
> > before the end of their first season, something Hector Black, in  
> > Tennessee, also noted.
> > 
> > Lee
> > Lee Reich, PhD
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> > 
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