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I have come to the conclusion that the Squirrels can't be stopped you my
slow them down but you can't be there all the time.   Here in Kentucky the
squirrel population was so plentiful this year that the squirrels came in
herds.  They were so many killed on the roads and even in areas on the
interstate there was streaks' on the pavement where hundreds was killed by
passing cars.   

The Squirrels eat everything all the nuts Heartnut, Hickories, Walnuts
Chestnut they were so hungry they would chew the burs off the chestnut to
get to the nuts they ate all the pears and fruit they could find and even I
saw them catching and eating insects. 

In my 46 years of life I have never witness anything like this,  I know this
is the worst case scenario but I even went to the extremes of buying a new
automatic Shot gun to kill the buggers and I gave up.    I seen that I was
out gunned and out numbered they literally came in waves.   

 Good hunting is the only advice I can give.               



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Does anybody have any advice about how to keep squirrels out of apple  

trees?  I've finally figured a way to keep the deer out, but now the

are killing me.    They are close enough that a squirrel can jump from one 

to another so a trunk guard is not an option.   Neither is a canopy net.  

Jerry in southern Indiana

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