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Thanks.  I can't imagine buying earthworm casings, as I find I get plenty of earthworms where ever I spread organic matter.   But these showed up at my doorstep, so I'll spread them somewhere.  :-)

So half an inch or so of shredded leaves on the lawn and 3 inches around the other stuff.

Thanks to all who replied.

-- GindaJim Fruth wrote:

Ginda asked, "Do you think it would help or hurt the lawn if I spread a thin 

coat of shredded leaves over the area with poor soil?

How deeply do you think I can mulch the epimedia and red bud with shredded 


Do you think the earthworm casings will help the epimedia and red bud?  How 

much would you spread?"

    I have a neighbor who brings his Oak leaves and I use them mainly in 

aisles.  If a permanent aisle, I spread 4" thick.  If that aisle will be 

planted next year, perhaps two to three inches.  If you are using it for 

mulch around your plants, I'd suggest the lesser thicknesses hoping 

rainwater will penetrate it.

    As for earthworm castings, I'd rather buy the medium that the worms were 

inserted into.  After all, the worms had to take nutrients out of it in 

order to grow.  When I lived in California, I had a neighbor who grew 

earthworms in horse manure and, as a silly experiment, I learned that my 

plants performed infinitely better with the manure than with the castings. 

In my opinion, castings are not what they are hyped up to be.

Jim Fruth

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