[NAFEX] Electrolized water wash

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Wed Oct 28 10:07:21 EDT 2009

    I've been reading about a relatively new method of washing fruit and 
produce that, according to the USDA, is approved for killing E. coli, 
Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria.  The produce is washed in 
electrolyzed water that is used in greenhouses and nurseries to prevent 
diseases and the spread of fungi as well as extending the shelf life of cut 
flowers and ornamental plants and for washing hands.
    Electrolyzed water is a .1 solution of sodium chloride that has been 
subjected to a low voltage electric current.  It is claimed to be more 
effective at killing bacteria on foods than bleach or heat treatments.  In 
Japan, it is being used to sterilize medical equipment at to treat wounds.
    The low voltage current passes through the solution of salt and tap 
water separating the sodium chloride into two solutions,  Sodium hydroxide 
(NaOH) and Hypochlorus Acid (HOCl).
    I plan to start using it to wash my apples prior to being pressed for 
    Are any of the rest of you using it?

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