[NAFEX] Airlayering Jujube

Lee Reich lreich at hvc.rr.com
Mon Oct 26 08:09:11 EDT 2009

In researching the literature on jujube for my book Uncommon Fruits  
for Every Garden, I didn't come across air-layering as a method for  
propagating this plant. One problem with air-layering any plant in  
cold climates is that air-layering usually takes many months, yet  
developing roots on an air layer could not survive ambient outdoor  
temperatures, to which they would be exposed up in the branches. Here  
is what I did write about clonal propagation of jujube in the jujube  
chapter of my book:

             Suckers, root cuttings, and grafts are ways to propagate  
superior jujube clones. A clone to be propagated by suckers or root  
cuttings must be on its own roots, that is, it should not be a grafted  
tree. Success with root cuttings is variable, depending on the clone,  
and plants grown from root cuttings will not develop the taproot of  
trees grown from seed. Stem cuttings root with difficulty.

             Grafted plants grow vigorously. Chip budding, T-budding,  
and whip-and-tongue grafting have all been successful---as long as  
scionwood is not chosen of stems destined to be deciduous. Jujube  
plants are precocious. Grafted trees have even been known to bear some  
fruit in the same season in which they were grafted!

Lee Reich, PhD


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On Oct 26, 2009, at 7:48 AM, Bassem Samaan wrote:

> Hello,
> Have anyone attempted air layering a jujube?
> I know that the most common propagation of jujube is with grafting.  
> Cutting is possible with very limited success, but how about air  
> layering?
> Thanks,
> Bass Samaan
> http://www.TreesofJoy.com
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