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Life has quietened down so I am catching up on my reading: sorry so late!

Dr. Evans (the man who popularized the Evan's Cherry) grafts Evan's cherries to Pin cherries all the time and the reason is this: mice will not eat pin cherry bark due to the cyanide it contains whereas they love Evan's cherry bark.  It is one cheap solution to mice girdling trees over the winter and I've seen his trees that have a 4" caliper size still doing well with no compatibility issues.

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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> {height:100%;color:#000000;font-size:12pt;font-family:Arial;}Ernest,
> I have a link showing 'evans' on 'jumping
> pound' pin cherry from when I was visiting an apple
> farmer in Fairbanks Alaska;
> http://home.comcast.net/~hollaus/Far_North/evans.htm
> -left side 'evans' -right side 'jumping
> pound' -arrow is the graft high on JP pin.
> I heard of that person that grafts the 'lapins' and
> he also uses 'evens to the same stock.
> I did the reverse of a couple pin cherries to a
> sweet cherry stock and for 2 years 
> not showing any problems yet.  Mind you I live in the
> moist northwest and I need
> pin cherries under the protection of the greenhouse or they
> would have been
> overcome by disease.
> Rupert.
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> On the Far North Garden Forum there is a picture of a
> Lapins Cherry
> grafted to a pin cherry rootstock.  There is one great
> looking ripe
> cherry in the picture.  I may be too suspicious but it
> looks a little
> like the ripe cherry was stapled on.  Anyway, anyone
> have experience
> using pin cherry as a rootstock?  I think I heard
> somewhere about pin
> cherry rootstock.  I wonder if Evans cherry could be
> grafted on this
> rootstock?  There are a lot of pin cherry trees
> growing about 100
> miles South of me but I have never seen on growing here.
>  I have
> never grafted cherries.
> zone 2/3 Minnesota
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