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> I?d guess that two varieties which are both from Japan are more  
> closely related to each other than they are to a variety from Korea or  
> China.

Hi Alex,

I believe the most distant relatives would be in China. From what I've read 
kaki originated in that area was carried form there to other parts of the 
world. And yes, I believe breeding in Japan was to improve fruit not improve 
winter hardiness. But breeders in Korea may have done more to improve winter 
hardiness than China. 

Great Wall supposedly has more winter hardiness than most other varieties, 
but it didn't survive here planted next to my house on the South side. I 
have one of Cliff England's varieties here that survived about -5 last winter, 
it's second year here.  

One more thing, I've read that generally the astringent varieties are more 
winter hardy than the non-astringent. 

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