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>   He must know something that I don't because, it has been my experience 
> with the Villaware Food Strainer that the finer it is the more likely it 
> is 
> to plug up.  I get it plugged up most often when I try to run a batch 
> through for a second time.

Hi Jim,

There are differences with between brands, but not much. Once when I called 
Squezzo who have a metal scroll they said they didn't want their users to 
use it for pulping persimmons. Yep, that's what they said.  The difference in 
our experiences Jim is I've cut 

two turns off the end of the scroll as pictured.  Additionally I can run 
the seeds from the first press through the second time and get more pulp. It 
is darker in color, but sugar measurements of the second run are almost equal 
to the first.  Yes, it occasionally plugs but one reverse turn usually 
clears it.  

There is a problem with long term use. The screen is spot welded to the 
mounting ring. With the larger seeds there is flexing or movement of the screen 
while the ring is firmly clamped to the mount. With much use the spot welds 
break then a new screen must be ordered. I no longer use mine in favor of 
the cone colander. When all is considered it is as fast for small batches and 
less seed coat in the pulp because the seeds aren't rubbed against the 

I've experimented with a new method. I have a stainless steel hand cranked 
honey extractor. I've lined the center drum that spins with 1/8 inch 
hardware cloth. The fruit is mashed well, then poured into the center drum and the 
pulp is spun out. One problem is if it is spun too fast at first, the fruit 
mash can come out the top. But a lip would take care of that. This looks so 
promising that my next step will be purchase a small top loading washing 
machine, one where the drum can be lifted out for cleaning. Then modify the 
outer drum exit port such that pulp flows out the bottom.  I believe spinning 
out the pulp would be more efficient Would need to also modify the controls 
such that the speed could be controlled manually.  The center drums on 
washing machines have a top lip that would not let the mash out the top. 

When I told a commercial grower in Illinois about it he said he had been 
thinking also of using a washing machine to spin out pulp. That grower 
produces several hundred pounds of pulp every fall.  


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