[NAFEX] Removing seeds & skin from fruits

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Sat Oct 24 09:26:28 EDT 2009

Jerry wrote, "Do mash the fruits well before feeding into the juicer."

    He must know something that I don't because, it has been my experience 
with the Villaware Food Strainer that the finer it is the more likely it is 
to plug up.  I get it plugged up most often when I try to run a batch 
through for a second time.
    I have since learned that it can be used for removing skins and seeds OR 
juicing, with almost no pulp.  I'll explain:  Back when I first began 
playing with it, it was constantly plugging up.  Although I was to learn 
that I was trying to make it work faster than it was intended to, I 
initially thought there was a flaw in the design.  I called both the 
manufacturer and the distributor and both offered zero suggestions. 
Suspecting a design flaw, I bought a weaker spring from the hardware store 
and did get it to work better.  After I learned to work it more slowly, I 
noticed that when I used the finest screen and the weaker spring, I obtained 
mostly juice and when I used the stock spring with whatever screen I got 
pulp and juice.

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