[NAFEX] Removing seeds & skin from fruits

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Fri Oct 23 10:53:26 EDT 2009

Terry Brady asked, "Does anyone have any sugestions how to remove the seeds 
so I can use the pulp?"

    Google "Villaware Food Strainer" or click on the link below.  Buying all 
of the accessories can get a bit spendy but I use them all and they are well 
worth the cost.
    One word of caution...............Since its operation seems rather 
straight-forward, it doesn't come with instructions.  BUT if you push the 
fruit in a bit too fast, it will seize up and you'll have to dismantle it to 
unjam it.  Push the fruit through slowly and it works fantastic, sort of 
like a Foley Food Mill that you don't have to stop to clean out every few 

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