[NAFEX] The Wine Farm in Rodeløkka

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Wed Oct 21 21:26:12 EDT 2009

The Wine Farm in Rodeløkka


There’s nothing wrong with red or black currants, but grapevines are  
both more fun and inspire more cooperation. Just ask Olav and Betsy  
Heen, who make wine from self-grown grapes in Rodeløkka, Oslo.

Olav and Betsy Heen managed to convince their neighbors in Oslo,  
Norway, to join them in growing grapes on the south facing walls of  
their houses. The result is a very local wine called “Côte de  
Rodeløkka”. They’ve had record crops of 75 kilos of grapes between  
them, but normally end up with 30 – 40 kilos, enough for 25 to 30  
litres of wine.  At 60 degrees North, comparable to Labrador or  
Anchorage, cultivating grapes is pretty impressive.

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