[NAFEX] Asian Persimmon seedlings

lester davis lhdavis8 at knology.net
Wed Oct 21 19:24:08 EDT 2009

Most years Hanafuyu will have a very few male blooms.  They will be in 
clusters of three small blooms at each node  of the new shoot.
There can be several on the new shoot with no female blooms.
They will usually be sectionalized to one area of the tree and not
ramdomized overall.

They can and do pollinate themselves as well as all other Kaki in
the orchard.

I search each spring for these blooms and and prune them out
since most all customers seek non-seeded Kaki fruit.

Unfortunately, a few of these blooms excaped the pruners this
spring and seeded fruit thru out the orchard.

Lester H. Davis
Columbus, GA
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>I have Hana Fuyu and Great wall planted close together. This year they are 
>loaded with fruit, and I noticed that they got seeds. Are these seeds a 
>result of a cross between the two variety? I'm not sure if any of those two 
>are known to produce male fruit. I was thinking of planting the seeds to 
>see what the fruit is going to be like.
> Have anyone attempted to grow Asian Persimmon seedlings in colder parts of 
> the US?
> I know of one variety called "Eureka" that is a seedling from an Asian 
> persimmon grown in the US, but haven't heard of many seedlings setting 
> fruit.
> Thanks,
> Bass Samaan
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