[NAFEX] crab apples in applesauce

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Wed Oct 21 13:44:06 EDT 2009

Yep - you can do anything with crabs as you can with regular apples.  And,
as with other apples, you need to take the tart/sweet balance into account.
To further agree, the smallness can be a bother depending on what you're
doing with them.  Not a problem with crabapple pickles, and the size works
well for individual tarts - mini apples for mini pies.  I suppose you could
make a sauce by pressing the cooked ones through a food mill.  I noticed
many crabapple sauce recipes came up on Google - didn't read them, though,
and don't recall having ever made any.  But who knows, at this point. Forty
years of cooking, never make the same thing twice, have grown more
crabapples than I knew what to do with... probably some crabapplesauce in
there somewhere.

~ Stephen

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Donna's suggestion is right on regarding dolgos in applesauce.  We made a 
small quantity of sauce solely from dolgos and it was the best sauce i ever 
had, though I realize I tend to like sauces on the tarter side of things.  A

bit of work to process though, being so small . . .

Western WI

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