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Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
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Way off topic, but let me bring it back.  We keep Sambucol on hand in case of flu, it's made from European elderberries.  I don't know if our elderberries have the same ingredients, or if frozen elderberries or wine would work as well, or if the active ingredient has been concentrated .  It's supposedly used a lot for flu in Europe.  I have read that in France, if you get sick it's because of your "terrain" being weak, so your dr is more likely to prescribe a tonic than an antibiotic.  I'll bet those tonics have lots of plant ingredients... wonder if that would be something to up the demand for certain fruits?  My sister in law came to visit from Belgium some 25 years ago, she had a bad cold but was too busy to go to the clinic so she paid extra for the dr to make a house call ($8 instead of the $2 for the clinic).  He gave her a tube of homepathic remedy which she left with us when she went home.  It was wonderful for colds, we used it for years.  It was from herbs, though theoretically homeopathic remedies don't actually have enough of the active ingredients in it to count, only the vibrational signature of the herbs remain in the water or inert ingredients.
    I got a nasty case of the flu spring '08, but usually we don't get very sick from it, and have few colds.  Is this just the effect of getting older, or a testimonial for eating lots of fresh produce?   Donna 
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