[NAFEX] Unusual Tiny Apples

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Sat Oct 17 20:40:33 EDT 2009

Hello Troop;


Driving down route 2 in zone 4 Maine, off to the side of the road I noticed what appeared to be a Cherry tree,absolutely bogged down with fruit! Thousands!


Turned the car around, jumped out, ran to the tree, and "What the Heck are these?"

They are 5/8" in diameter, red and orange, hang from the branch on really long slender stems in groups of 3, just like cherries. BUT... they have more than one seed, and taste like apples. Damn! Oh well; Does anybody know what these are? I,ve never seen apples that hang like, and look like cherries.



R A Murphy Jr

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