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Sat Oct 17 16:23:44 EDT 2009

Hello all.  Some time ago, I got this msg which mentions our website.  He
is correct.  It isn't helpful and IMHO it sheds a poor light on us.  It
needs updating.  The trouble is, it needs updating from the board on down
to the SIGs and contacts.  I'm hereby asking the board to step in and help
me with the information.  I'll get it uploaded if someone can get it all
stitched together in a coherent list.  Please help.

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Subject: failed email addresses
From: Toby Musgrave <toby at tobymusgrave.dk>
Date: Wed, September 30, 2009 7:34 am

Hi There

I have been trying to email contact members of the Interest Groups and for
the walnut, ribes, plums, pears, figs groups the emails were all returned.

Not very helpful!

Toby Musgrave

Baunevang 22, 3460-Birkerød, Denmark.
Tel +45 4582 0087 Mob +45 6010 8024
Skype: TobyMusgrave

Please do visit my website at www.TobyMusgrave.dk

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