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I usually collect gingkos nuts from the University of Iowa- Iowa City  
campus.  For some reason they planted a lot of females, it really gets  
to be a pretty messy & pungent area...  I heard rumors that Hmong  
folks were collecting them as well.


On Oct 16, 2009, at 6:10 PM, Stephen Sadler wrote:

> Weird.  I just read an article about ginkgos in landscaping saying  
> that the intent is to plant or provide only males, but sometimes a  
> female gets through.  But, come to think of it, that was about local  
> plantings by agencies.  That report seems to bear fruit – I haven’t  
> yet run across a female tree in the many city plantings. The writer  
> did interview a man who discovered that his male tree wasn’t.   
> Neither he nor his immediate neighbors were amused by the smell of  
> the fruit.
> So maybe Tech wanted an all-girl gingko planting?
> BTW, my spell check does not object to ginkgo or gingko, which is  
> good.  I can never remember whether it’s k before g except after n,  
> or g before k.
> ~ Stephen
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> I've noticed something weird about ginkgos.  Though they supposedly  
> come in male and female, all the trees at Tech bear fruit.  I think  
> that male-only trees may be rarer than we are led to believe, and  
> that when a tree gets old enough (15-25 years I have heard) it's  
> likely to start cropping.   So maybe all you need to do is call your  
> county ag agent and ask him if he's had some complaints about the  
> smell of gingko fruits someplace public.  Another thing you can do  
> is cut long whippy branches and stick them most of the way into the  
> ground.  This is the book "Herbal Emissaries".  I haven't tried it,  
> though I keep thinking I will.  I think you are supposed to cut them  
> in late summer, about 6' long, and leave only a foot or so sticking  
> out.  Donna
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