[NAFEX] Ginko fruit

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Weird.  I just read an article about ginkgos in landscaping saying that the
intent is to plant or provide only males, but sometimes a female gets
through.  But, come to think of it, that was about local plantings by
agencies.  That report seems to bear fruit - I haven't yet run across a
female tree in the many city plantings. The writer did interview a man who
discovered that his male tree wasn't.  Neither he nor his immediate
neighbors were amused by the smell of the fruit.  

So maybe Tech wanted an all-girl gingko planting?

BTW, my spell check does not object to ginkgo or gingko, which is good.  I
can never remember whether it's k before g except after n, or g before k.  


~ Stephen


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I've noticed something weird about ginkgos.  Though they supposedly come in
male and female, all the trees at Tech bear fruit.  I think that male-only
trees may be rarer than we are led to believe, and that when a tree gets old
enough (15-25 years I have heard) it's likely to start cropping.   So maybe
all you need to do is call your county ag agent and ask him if he's had some
complaints about the smell of gingko fruits someplace public.  Another thing
you can do is cut long whippy branches and stick them most of the way into
the ground.  This is the book "Herbal Emissaries".  I haven't tried it,
though I keep thinking I will.  I think you are supposed to cut them in late
summer, about 6' long, and leave only a foot or so sticking out.  Donna 

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