[NAFEX] G.Russet scion offer/ email test

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 16 14:42:04 EDT 2009

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My Hotmail acct has hickups=2C or maybe flu=2C but here goes:
I have 2 "golden russet" trees which I can share w/ others who don't mind m=
ore ambiguity in the naming.  I have no idea which names they ever had.  On=
e does ok in z4=2C the other needs 5 or better to ripen.  Contact off-list=
=2C but if I get several replies (AND the email works!)  I might post longe=
r descriptions to the list.
Tanis Cuff=2C s.WI z4-ish=2C poor soil.  Droughty late summer til a couple =
weeks ago=2C then chilly & damp.  No wonder late apples don't ripen! 		 	  =
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