[NAFEX] Ginko propagation from cuttings

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I had an archived NAFEX post, from a similar discussion, back in 1999, from
Rick Valley to mIEKAL:


I have not actually seen it- but on good authority (and having seen the
original tree where it was first growing) a few years back in Portland, OR,
a construction company had two large jobs going: at one in NE Portland they
took out an old house with a large ginko. The other was a new building at
Reed College in SE. A woman connected w/Reed happened to see the cut ginko
trunk in the company's equipment yard, sprouting. The trunk got hauled to
Reed and stuck in a bore-hole and is growing happily- maybe the largest
dormant cutting in history. -R


Rick Valley

Philomath, OR 



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I've noticed something weird about ginkgos.  Though they supposedly come in
male and female, all the trees at Tech bear fruit.  I think that male-only
trees may be rarer than we are led to believe, and that when a tree gets old
enough (15-25 years I have heard) it's likely to start cropping.   So maybe
all you need to do is call your county ag agent and ask him if he's had some
complaints about the smell of gingko fruits someplace public.  Another thing
you can do is cut long whippy branches and stick them most of the way into
the ground.  This is the book "Herbal Emissaries".  I haven't tried it,
though I keep thinking I will.  I think you are supposed to cut them in late
summer, about 6' long, and leave only a foot or so sticking out.  Donna 

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