[NAFEX] Roxbury Russet and Ashmead's Kernel Z6 NY

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 18:29:20 EDT 2009

Ginda pretty much nailed the contrast of a properly ripened Ashmead's K. to
a Golden Russet.  I would say in my experience Ashmead is a lot like Cox-
same intense acid with all that sugar- too intense for some.  Ashmead is
just a bit grainier- but not in a bad way.

Roxbury Russet is very productive here, so far I have much better luck with
it than Golden Russet but my GRuss are young and the RRus is on M26 and is
about 30 years old- it bears good crops every year and is not as attractive
to CM as GRus.

I agree with Lee that Hudson's Golden Gem is quite a good apple- especially
if you're into low-acid.  This year my crop of HGG was a complete disaster
though, with all kinds of coddling moth damage and corking.  Not a single
apple I grow here suffered nearly as much.  I think the rain may have
diluted my low spray too much for adequate CM control but it was only my HGG
and Korean Giant pear that suffered the consequences.  Maybe Hudson's needs
extra calcium- I don't know.
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