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cevanko at civconinc.com cevanko at civconinc.com
Tue Oct 13 14:58:58 EDT 2009

   Does anyone have a sheet or something they use to keep track of a  
tree's history?  I keep a journal with a "spread sheet" of when a tree  
is planted, grafted or died.  But I have to enter more info later in  
the journal because I run out of room on the spread sheet.  It is  
difficult to leaf thru the journal trying to find what I did when and  
whether it worked or not.  Maybe some of you university types have a  
"standard" specimen sheet that is kept for each experiment.  I don't  
want to use a computer to enter field notes because I have had the  
journal for 10 years and in that time have had several computers that  
still have data they are unwilling to give up. 

   Also if you can shed some light on what important points to note on  
planting, grafting, pruning etc.  I know it would be difficult to do  
this on a cash crop orchard but surely there are sheets used by grad  
assistants on each variety of fruit. Yes?  I currently have about 100  
trees/bushes/vines that I would like to track.  My memory is less than  
photographic so I label everything (I sometimes wear a name tag to be  

   Craig Evankoe

   Southwest Cook Co. (near Chicago, Il)
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