[NAFEX] Vile Maple Syrup

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Tue Oct 13 10:49:47 EDT 2009

    When I posted on Vile Maple Syrup, I should have added one more form of 
the vile stuff:  Most of us have seen cartoons about someone pouring really 
strong coffee and having to cut it wit a scissors to stop the flow.  Well, 
that can happen with some of the end of the season maple syrup.  A bacterium 
called Ropey Bacteria (Alcaligenes viscolactis) can be found in great 
quantities in unrefrigerated maple sap that has been sitting for several 
days during warm weather.  Ropey bacteria in sap yields stringy syrup.  When 
the syrup gets down to room temperature it pours in strings and is in demand 
for commercial use so long as the strings snap back in less than 4'.  And, 
yes, it tastes as bad as this sounds.
    So you may ask, "Why does anyone buy vile tasting maple syrup?" 
Answer.................When maple syrup is heated under two, or more, 
atmospheres of pressure (I forgot the actual temperature) for several hours, 
the maple flavor quadruples which masks any original vile taste.  So when 
you see a bottle of pancake syrup that contains a percentage of maple syrup 
(by weight) you can multiply times four to determine the actual maple 

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