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Thanks, Claude.  I'll pass that along to my brewmeister.

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Derry wrote:
>Can anybody tell me more about the New Brunswick apple.
>I do have a photo of it (it looks very good), but I'd like to know if it 
>is for eating or cooking, when it blooms, when do you harvest it, and 
>does it store well.

Derry, the N.Brunswick is very similar to the Duchesse (of Oldenburg),
being either a sport or a seedling of it. It was introduced by Sharp. So,
roughly same season and uses as Duchesse.

And, Brian wrote:
>Wanted to throw this out to the audience.  My friend and I are beginning
>our experiment with apples to test for our hard cider brew.  He had heard
>that Golden Russets were a good apple to use in the mix so last weekend
>he bought a bushel to press and test.
Ed replied:
>     I was never that impressed with it's flavor even when fully mature.

Maybe this is another one that needs the cold of the North! Up here it is
surely one of the tastiest. It also has the highest sugar content, combined
with a high level of acidity. The acidity is in fact too high and the
G.Rsst juice needs to be blended with a low acid variety to get a well
balanced cider.

I agree however that it is a bit dry, and doesn't yield as much juice as
other varieties - but the quality of the juice is worth the tradeoff.

Naturally its also depends on how it was grown. If the S.G. of the G.Rsst
juice is between 1.060 and 1.070, it is good. If lower than 1.060, it was
probably grown with too much fertilisation and the juice will be more

Claude, in Quebec.
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