[NAFEX] Vile Maple Syrup

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   Part of the darker color could be from the methods used in making the maple syrup. Some folks make sorghum syrup by cooking down the juice and then adding more raw juice to the cooked down juice and keep on cooking. This increases the amount of substances that cause dark syrup--and may affect the overall quality.
   When we cook sugarcane syrup, we skim it and once it cooks down we take it up and bottle it then start a new batch. I think the quality is superior this way.
                                                              Richard, NW FL

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Steve Herje wrote:  "In my experience, the North American food that has 
gotten the strongest reaction from European visitors is maple syrup---they 
(with a few exceptions) consider it disgusting--gaggingly vile.  One might 
like to think that Aunt Jemimah were to blame, but I only use the real stuff 
and the reaction  has been the same."

    I had always wondered why some people think Maple syrup tastes 
disgusting until, one day, a woman came into the store with a half-gallon 
jug of "maple syrup."  She asked that I put the contents into smaller 
bottles adding that a relative from Maine sends her such a jug every year.
    As I began pouring it into pint bottles, I noticed that the syrup seemed 
black instead of the dark brown I know it should be.  So I tasted a bit from 
the end of my finger.............YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was gawd awful 
HORRIBLE(!), somewhat resembling the taste of gasoline, probably the 
fermented end-of-the-season slop that the cereal companies buy for cheap.  I 
made some of it once and was embarrassed to sell it to the corporate buyer.
    When I had finished with her request, I informed the woman or the 
quality of her relative's syrup and gave her a bottle of my syrup as an 
example of what maple syrup is supposed to taste like.

Jim Fruth
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