[NAFEX] Vile Maple Syrup

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Mon Oct 12 10:15:06 EDT 2009

Steve Herje wrote:  "In my experience, the North American food that has 
gotten the strongest reaction from European visitors is maple syrup---they 
(with a few exceptions) consider it disgusting--gaggingly vile.  One might 
like to think that Aunt Jemimah were to blame, but I only use the real stuff 
and the reaction  has been the same."

    I had always wondered why some people think Maple syrup tastes 
disgusting until, one day, a woman came into the store with a half-gallon 
jug of "maple syrup."  She asked that I put the contents into smaller 
bottles adding that a relative from Maine sends her such a jug every year.
    As I began pouring it into pint bottles, I noticed that the syrup seemed 
black instead of the dark brown I know it should be.  So I tasted a bit from 
the end of my finger.............YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was gawd awful 
HORRIBLE(!), somewhat resembling the taste of gasoline, probably the 
fermented end-of-the-season slop that the cereal companies buy for cheap.  I 
made some of it once and was embarrassed to sell it to the corporate buyer.
    When I had finished with her request, I informed the woman or the 
quality of her relative's syrup and gave her a bottle of my syrup as an 
example of what maple syrup is supposed to taste like.

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