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Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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There’s membrillo, the famous quince paste.  And quince does make an
outstanding jelly.  It can be cooked in many recipes that would use apples,
and will lend its own character.  Quince tartin is very good, as well as
other quince pastries (think outside the pie).   If a meat dish would taste
good with apple sauce or compote, quince would, IMHO, do a better job.  Try
this stuff with ham or other pork meat:
Quince bread pudding will soon be seasonal and really good.  It livens and
brightens the pudding. 


That about covers my experience.  I would google up “Quince Recipes” and
look for things you would like and use.  For instance, membrillo looks and
tastes wonderful, but it’s used as a foil for Manchego or panela cheese.  I
don’t eat those at all often, so membrillo is something I’ve tried, but not
made.   But there’s stuff you can do with it.  Let it melt over a ham or
pork roast as it bakes. Or you can make an hors d’oeuvre; cheese, membrillo,
salami cubes on a toothpick or little skewer.  Again, I have not much call
for such, but it’s easy and nobody else will be bringing it to the party.
Oh, I haven’t done baked quince yet, but I like baked apples quite a bit,
and I hear good things about it.  There are little memory boxes falling over
in my brain.  Little quince tarts, for instance.  Like the lemon curd ones,
but with either membrillo or that glyko kythoni stuff I linked to.  Or
quince curd.


Sorry.  I cook.  I have a mélange of quinces I’ve loved and lost and those
I’ll love again.  My brain just made membrillo/almond crust tarts and dipped
each in Venezuelan chocolate.  Now it’s on to a parfait.  


Make the glyko and serve it with pork.  Then make the quince tartin.  Then
your palate should have an idea of what it can do, how it can fit in – or
before or after – your meals.



~ Stephen    




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Is there anyone who uses the quince fruit?  We have the Bourgeat quince.  It
is a nice large fruit.  I understand people use some in say making an apple
pie or making quince jellies but are there any other uses that anyone has
used it for?




Western Washington

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