[NAFEX] Is my Asian pear "runted out"?

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   I have Shinko on OHxF333 and they are coming out also the trees are 14
year old and only about 6 to 7 feet tall and produce very poorly small fruit
slow growth and with heavy pruning no bud wood for propagation.  Also a note
all of our other trees are on Calleryana root stock because 1) Calleryana is
a true Asian pear no incompatibility problems and a stronger trees that will
last years beyond my death. 

    2) Calleryana is a tap rooted type root stock that will put roots that
will with stand drought and high winds and the trees are easy to manage by
cutting the tops out of the trees every 3 to 4 year to keep the trees
spreading out instead of the insane straight up growth habits. 

   3) I do not recommend Shinko on any root stock do to the amount of manual
thinning required to prevent over producing with the result of small fruit.

   But on a good note Shinko top worked with other cultivars like limbs with
multiple grafts of different cultivars makes excellent mother trees for
producing scion wood the growth is very health and rapid growth and come to
bear age early. 


This has been my experience with Shinko    


Thank you

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