[NAFEX] Killing grapevines

Matt Demmon mdemmon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 20:01:11 EDT 2009

Glyphosate, i.e. Roundup supposedly breaks down quickly in soil, and
is in my experience, not harmful to other plants around if applied to
a cut stump at rates up to 52% active ingredient. Cut the stump, and
apply herbicide within 5 minutes. You need to use at least 20%
glyphosate. Only time this won't work is when sap is rising in spring.
Triclopyr is also effective, however I am less familiar with its side
effects on the soil and other plants.

-matt z5 se mi

On 10/5/09, William C. Garthright <billg at inebraska.com> wrote:
> I need to kill a couple of grapevines that are close (8 - 10 ft.) to
> other trees and vines. If I cut off the vine and poison the cut end, do
> I have to worry about damage to the roots of any of my nearby plantings?
> I've got some brush-killer (Ferti-lome Brush Killer/Stump Killer, which
> is apparently /triclopyr/). I know it works very well, but I haven't
> used it since I started planting fruit trees. I think it sticks around
> for awhile. I've also got RoundUp, but I don't know if that will work
> when applied to a cut trunk.
> Basically, I'm just worried about causing unintentional harm to other
> trees and vines through root contact. Do I need to worry about that at all?
> FYI, I'm just getting rid of a couple of grape varieties that ripen at
> the same time as my Concord grapes. I'm just swamped with grapes then
> (since I have two Concord vines), and I don't like these much, anyway.
> One is a Caco grape, which I've had for several years (planted on a
> whim, before I was interested in fruit, when I saw a "grapevine" on sale
> in a local nursery). It grows great, but the grapes are always too sour.
> My Allwood grape is just a year old, but unlike the others I planted,
> this doesn't ripen early. And - this year, at least - the grapes just
> tasted... bland.
> I might plant another early grape, though. A year ago, I also planted
> Jupiter, Swenson Red, and Kay Gray, and they were wonderful this year.
> They ripened one after the other, which was really nice. And I got
> grapes when I was especially hungry for them. While I'm posting here
> anyway, does anyone have a suggestion for a very early table-grape (even
> earlier than Jupiter, if that's possible - otherwise, just something
> different)? I like a variety of tastes. And seeded or seedless is fine.
> My only remaining location is shaded in the morning, if that matters
> (I'm trying to reserve SOME sunny spots for my garden).
> Yeah, I really don't need to plant any more fruit,... but it's
> addicting, isn't it?  :-)
> Bill
> Lincoln, NE (zone 5)
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-matt demmon

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