[NAFEX] runted asian pear and bienniel plum

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 17:49:55 EDT 2009

When I get inadequate vegetative growth from Asian pears I drastically
remove the spurs during dormant pruning and throw them some extra N.  Forget
about fruit until vigor returns and in the future don't allow the tree to
produce more fruit than it's number of leaves can justify.

Pears don't transplant well because their root systems are not at all
fibrous.  If the tree is bearing age all the more trouble because the tree
puts less energy into pushing out replacement root in favor of making
babies.  If you only remove fruit you only solve half the problem as
spur-wood is a huge energy sink as well because the plant grows flowers for
next year (very expensive!).  If the pear is on a dwarfing rootstock that
may even be partially incompatible, yikes.

Next question was about Mt. Royal being perhaps biennial.  I haven't noticed
that in trees I manage here, although this year there was no fruit on this
variety on the MRs I manage.  Certainly one year does not a trend make.  The
site where the MRs are also had light crops of most other varieties, but at
least there was some fruit.
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