[NAFEX] Gooseberries, some clarifications?

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 7 23:30:23 EDT 2009

When I called Lucille Whitman of whitmanfarms.com we got to talking about what vars did best where and I finally said, look, I have put all these comments into a Word document to print out for my own scrutiny, how about if I just send you a copy?  Well, she was thrilled by the idea.  Then I asked if she knew that Ky State had put out 2 bulletins on growing gooseberries and currants, no she hadn't heard of that and would I send her the links.  She said that she had only Corvallis info to go by.  I think what you all have said will be helpful for others who contact her wanting Ribes. (Not rubes, thank you for that delightful correction Betsy, I had missed it.)  
    I have just 2 things that would be helpful both to Lucille and to Pomona readers, should I send it in.  I should know but I forget, where are Alan, mIEKAL, and Earnest located?  All much further north than here, but still useful info.  I assume the rest of you will not mind if your gooesberry comments appear in Pomona?  I will post the entire document so you can correct anything if you like.   Donna 
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