[NAFEX] Is my Asian pear "runted out"?

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 7 22:59:06 EDT 2009

I have read that pear trees dislike being moved because of their tendency to 
develop a taproot.  Was that here it was talked about?  Because the gist of 
it was that pears take longer to recover from being moved than most fruit 
trees.  Donna

P.S for Don,  I got a Ubileen pear on 333 and don't really think it will 
last many years against fireblight, so I grafted Carrick at the base of the 
tree.   Carrick is said to make a large tree, so I was hoping for some size 
control.  Does the vigor of this variety make it more likely it will 
succeed, or more likely it will develop problems with the dwarfing stock? 
Just wondering if you'd make a guess.  I do want Carrick, so may have to 
graft it elsewhere.    Donna 

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