[NAFEX] Is my Asian pear "runted out"?

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Wed Oct 7 17:51:47 EDT 2009


Four years ago I ordered a Shinko Asian pear from Edible Landscaping.   
It fruited the second year, then I moved it during the late winter to  
a sunnier spot.  That year it got drier than I realized, and I also  
let it bear about 8 fruit.  This year I let it bear 10 fruit.  The  
problem is, it has not put on one bit of shoot growth the last two  
years.  It leafs out and flowers like crazy, but no shoot growth.   
Edible landscaping does not list the rootstock, so I called them, and  
the man I spoke with guessed that it is on ?33?, a semi-dwarfing  
rootstock.  I guess that means OHXF 333?

I?ve seen people mention trees ?runting out?, but didn?t think much  
about that until now.  I?m worried that the combination of moving it,  
maybe letting it bear too much, and the drought stress has made the  
tree ?runt out?, but truthfully I?m not entirely sure I know what that  
phrase means.  So my questions are:

-Is it possible my tree is permanently stunted?
-If I prune it back this winter, will that stimulate new growth?
-If the tree is runted out, will scion from this tree behave/grow  
differently than scion taken from a tree that has been growing well?
-Am I better off taking it out and planting a new tree?

Thanks for any input,


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