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You could trap out the codling moths.  The trap manufacturers suggest two
traps per standard tree, one per dwarf.  That could get a little pricey.
I've gotten away with half in a setting with great soil and beneficial
insect population. 
You could also buy a small sized CYD-X codling moth virus, or you could try
Agroneem.  It's effective against a pretty broad spectrum of problems while
remaining fairly gentle on beneficial insects. You'll need to spray Agroneem
twice, but it's cheap per application.  The 1.5 oz. size of CYD-X can treat
one acre once (depending on pest pressure), so you'd be able to get several
sprays out of it.  It would need a few applications.  It keeps about two
years.  The traps will need new lures each season; those run about $4, plus
shipping if necessary.   
I haven't tried the CYD-X. 
You can read more and see what you're comfortable with.  In my own
experience - and others will have had different results - I had much better
codling moth control with organic methods, particularly traps, than with 

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Stephen wrote: How many apple trees do you have?

I have 11 trees, all dwarf, trained as oblique cordon.  So I get a
relatively small amount of fruit from each tree. Some varieties have not
fruited yet for me, but I (and my animals) are enjoying the fruit that
has been produced.

Betsy Hilborn
7a NC

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