[NAFEX] Gooseberries for TN?

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Bill, the sprawling growth of Hinnomaki Yellow that you have observed is
typical for that cultivar.  Many commercial sources describe it as
having a rather prostrate growth habit and being rather difficult to
harvest for that reason.  In fact, at least one nursery sells it grafted
to a Ribes trunk.  Sorry but I cannot remember just now which one offers
it in that form. -- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.

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> Here's my list of possibilities so far:

What is your purpose? I didn't comment earlier, because I don't know 
what would work best in Tennessee (and because I've only had my 
gooseberries for three years). But so far, Poorman is the only one I 
really like for fresh eating. Unfortunately - and again, so far - I'm 
getting few berries from it.

But for picking green for pies, I'm wildly enthusiastic about Hinonmaki 
Yellow. The bush is much smaller than the rest, and it hugs the ground 
(mostly due to the weight of the berries, I suppose), so it's a real 
pain to pick. But from the first year, it's been just solid with large 
gooseberries, far more prolific than any other I have.

All of the others I've planted produce well, grow bigger than I 
expected, and are a pain to pick, partly because there's not much room 
(note that Poorman has few thorns, which really is a benefit). But the 
berries are disappointing fresh (superb for pie, though, whether green 
or ripe).

But again, that's just my experience here in Nebraska. And I don't have 
disease problems with any of them.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

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