[NAFEX] Chokecherry Soda-pop question

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Mon Oct 5 09:14:03 EDT 2009



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>    The local Lions Club hosts a Chokecherry Festival every year and  I've
> been asked to invent a carbonated beverage using chokecherries but I don't
> know how to start.  Can anyone help us out?

The syrup suggestions sound reasonable to me.  For carbonation,  we use a CO2 tank and Cornelius 5gal kegs, same stuff we use for serving batches of home brewed beer.  We have been using the CO2 tank to carbonate our ginger ale and root beer now, instead of using yeast, to get more consistency and less chance of exploding bottles.  A homebrewer or home brew/winemaking supply store would have all the info on CO2 tanks, Cornelius kegs and the related equipment.
Jim, in Menomonie WI, with many carboys of cider fermenting happily

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