[NAFEX] Injera made with yogurt and bread yeast?

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 07:18:48 EDT 2009

Now there's an off topic subject I just can't leave alone.  My wife is
Ethiopian, and when I read of Jay using yogurt culture and generic bread
yeast to make injera we had to chuckle a bit.  Got to give the man credit,
though, for using teff flour.  Teff is a grain virtually unique to Ethiopia
that gives injera, the wonderful, fluffy, Ethiopian flat bread, a large
measure of it's character.

However, to make authentic injera she suggests leaving the yogurt out of the
recipe as well as the bread yeast.  The yeast should come from the fermented
teff flour itself. Wonder what Jay's recipe is for berbere, a spice mixture
that's kindof the curry of Ethiopia.  You can't have good Ethiopian food
without both injera and a good berbere.  I love Ethiopian food!
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