[NAFEX] pawpaw beer?

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There is a recipe for a pawpaw wheat beer at
http://forums.morebeer.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31379 .  Perhaps this
will be helpful. -- 

Sam Brungardt

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As mentioned in the cider revival link , people have and do make
alcoholic beverages with what's available. To simplify it, wine is made
from the fermentation of fruit and

beer is from the fermentation of grain. This is   not absolute, as there
is persimmon beer and I think sake is made from rice.As I now have an
abundance of pawpaws,

I searched the internet for a pawpaw beer recipe. I could find none. In
the NAFEX persimmon book there are three persimmon beer recipes from
early America. On the

internet there several primitive beer recipes. Ten days ago I developed
a recipe substituting pawpaws for persimmons using an Afro-American
slave recipe with modifications. Six large pawpaws mashed with a cup of
cornmeal baked to a loaf,cooled, put in a gallon container with eight
honey locust  pods , broken in small pieces,

, a slice of toast and a packet of baking yeast and covered
loosely.Water was added to make a gallon. Its kept on a plant
propagation mat at 78 decrees.It seems to be 

fermenting ok and most of the solids have sunk to the bottom. According
to the recipes it will be evaluated in 20 days.Beer or slop? As I took
biochemistry in "48 as

freshman in vet school at the University of Illinois.Suggestions

Keith central Illinois

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