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We currently use a Mehu-Maja steam juicer (as someone previously mentioned) but for years used the method that Tim mentioned, which we first heard about in one of Helen and Scott Nearing's books.  We like the convenience of making a juice concentrate with the steam juicer.  I do occassionally press some in the cider press after crushing them, but it is more time consuming.
Jim, in Western Wisconsin


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I remember that someone who had way too many grapes said the easiest way to do it was to fill a jar with grapes, add water and maybe sugar, put on the lid and process.  I'll bet a blender and a strainer would do a better job.  Donna 

Actually, we've done the 'grapes in a jar' for years.  We put in one cup of grapes, 1/2 cup of sugar into a sterilized hot jar, and fill with boiling water.  Seal immediately.  Store for a month or six weeks, and pour off the liquid to drink.  Don't process the grapes.  They stay whole, and release their juices over the waiting time.  Easy to do, and good
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